15 January 2021

mbits CEO at Digital Health TV

No more Whatsapp in Clinics!

mbits on Digital Health TV

Whatsapp's latest terms of use, which allow an even more liberal data transfer to parent company Facebook, bring data protection, especially in everyday clinical practice, repeatedly and with new explosiveness into focus. mbits CEO Gergel explains in the current broadcast of Digital Health TV. why it is important that clinics and doctors pay attention to a DSGVO-compliant image data exchange on mobile devices.

It is also about how we enable teleradiolgy on the tablet with our app mRay and efficiently digitize and optimize stroke treatment.

->The full show
->Expert Interview: Mobile Teleradiology
->Expert Interview: Stroke Treatment

08 January 2021

mbits in the large-scale project KI-SIGS

An agile, young startup hits the fan

mbits in the KI-SIGS project

What is KI-SIGS?
An AI space for intelligent health systems created through collaboration among AI institutes, university hospitals, and medical technology companies. Through an outstanding cross-national AI platform for intelligent healthcare systems, the systematic expansion of the international competitiveness of the healthcare industry will be achieved.

mbits is a part of the "AI for radiological imaging" in the stroke application area. Stroke is one of the most cost-intensive diseases in the German healthcare system, with about 260,000 strokes per year. Much recent research has shown that rapid therapy decisions using medical imaging can have a decisive impact on patient outcome. #ImagingIsBrain

Together with our partners at the Kiel University and the UKSH Kiel, we are currently working on the development of an automated decision support in distinguishing hemorrhage vs large vessel occlusion. Exciting preliminary work in this area makes us confident aiming an application-oriented development.

We encourage anyone interested to contact and network: research@mbits.info

17 December 2020

125 years of x-ray
- 5 years mRay

At the end of the year and the anniversaries, our best wishes to all of you.


The development of new vaccines will end this pandemic, of that there is little doubt. Scientific progress makes it possible, and in a year's time - back to normality - people will be talking about an extraordinary Christmas 2020.

At the same time, in the shadow of the pandemic, an important anniversary in medical technology has fallen somewhat by the wayside: 125 years ago, Conrad Röntgen made a quantum leap for medicine with the discovery of X-rays.

No one knows how it happened in detail. What is certain, however, is that Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen experimented in 1895 with electric charges in an airless glass tube and unexpectedly discovered radiation, which was henceforth referred to as x-ray. He published his observations before the end of 1895. A first X-ray image of the hand bone of his wife Bertha together with a ring became an icon of science.

With a small tribute, we celebrate 125 years of x-ray and 5 years of mRay. We are sure that scientific advances, like that of Conrad Röntgen, will continue today to ensure that 2020 remains the exception rather than the rule.

In this spirit, we wish you and your families happy and relaxing holidays and a good start into an easier 2021. Stay healthy and digital!

14 December 2020

Physicians in Quarantine

Medical staff increasingly affected by Covid-19 themselves

mRay doctors in quarantine

Because of Covid-19, clinics and medical professionals are currently completely overloaded, staff are increasingly affected themselves and increasingly in quarantine. This means that necessary surgeries are being postponed.

In Germany, there are about 260,000 strokes per year . According to the medical society, in 2017 there were more than 1.7 million admissions to hospitals due to heart disease. Cardiovascular disease was by far the leading cause of death in 2018.

These are patients who still need care. Covid-19 affects all hospital departments!

We want to play a part in addressing the situation with mRay. Our mobile solution enables fast and secure communication of medical image data, in home office, for virtual meetings and secured call services. Medical staff can thus communicate with each other even in the state of emergency. While adhering to given hygiene measures, cases can be shared live and synchronously via mRay and be discussed in virtual meetings regardless of location.

mRay can be installed and operational for entire departments within an hour. To install the mRay server in your clinic, please contact us directly: Tel: (+49) 6221-6734880.

Register and get started! You can test a freely available restricted version here.

23 November 2020

mRay 6.1 now in all App Stores

The new mRay version with comfortable screen sharing functionality within group meetings

mRay 6.1 out now

"Virtual morning meetings, tumor boards, trauma networks or lectures. mRay 6.1 makes it possible!

With the latest version of our app, you have a comfortable screen sharing option, which allows you to share your screen in a group meeting for with other meeting participants and thus be able to view and edit the same DICOM data set collectively, location-independently and synchronously. You can watch a detailed tutorial on the new functionality on our Youtube channel.

The new mRay version is now available in all App-Stores and for the first time also offers the possibility to create your own mRay account. With this account you can view Dicom data in mRay and conveniently forward it via link - independent from a clinic server.

Test our app directly as a free Webclient. We are looking forward to your feedback.

17 November 2020

BGU IT director praises mRay

Handelsblatt: User report on the mRay photo documentation

Handelsblatt-Beilage: Anwenderbericht

"With mRay we have found an optimal solution", says Helmut Greschner, who is the IT director of the BG Clinic Ludwigshafen. The whole interview can be read in the current Handelsblatt-supplement "Health 4.0".

For some time now the BG Clinic has been using mRay photo documentation and according to Helmut Greschner it has significantly simplified image and wound documentation in the hospital. "This ensures higher employee satisfaction, better treatment quality and a reliable argumentation towards the medical service."

Furthermore the BG Clinic runs through a comparative study between mRay and the former called workflow with digital cameras. We will keep you updated on the results of the study.

We are very pleased about the positive feedback on mRay photo documentation!

13 November 2020

Four more hospitals are using mRay

Two new costumers and two test runs

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In the past few weeks we were able to convince four more clinics of the advantages of our mRay app. Experience showed us, that once doctors learned to trust in mRay, they no longer want to miss out on the many advantages and convenient usage.

The GLK Konstanz has not only decided on a campus license wth which they can use mRay throughout all hospital departments, but also for mRay VEOcore. This offers an automated perfusion analysis in the neuroradiology, which contributes to quicker and better therapy decisions in acute strokes. die zur schnellen und besseren Therapieentscheidung bei akuten Schlaganfällen beiträgt.

The Caritas Klinikum Saarbrücken uses our app for background service, while the Uniklinik Magdeburg and the St. Elisabeth Gruppe mit mRay are still in the test phase.

We would like to thank all new mbits costumers for their trust in our system and we are looking forward to a good cooperation in the future.

15 October 2020

The KHZG comes

Use the opportunity for secure digital transformation with mRay

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The crisis has made it particularly clear how important hospital digitalization is. The importance of taking data security aspects into account was recently demonstrated by the IT security incident at Düsseldorf University Hospital in September.

The German government was late in recognizing the backlog demand of the health care system, but now, with the Krankenhauszukunftsgesetzt (Hospital Future Law), it is launching a funding measure that will enable hospitals to upgrade it's IT infrastructure.

Referring to the incidents at the University Hospital in Düsseldorf, BSI President Arne Schönbohm explains: "The incident shows once again how seriously this danger must be taken. This is one of the reasons why the German government has stipulated in the draft of the Hospital Future Law that at least 15 percent of the funding applied for must be used for measures to improve information security".

With our app mRay you have one of the best and most secure digital tools for the communication of radiological image data at your disposal. You benefit from portable, teleradiological home workstations, a secure messenger for clinical professionals, virtual tumor boards, location-independent morning meetings and expert and trauma networks - even on mobile devices.

Insecure and uncomfortable messaging via WhatsApp or remote desktop applications is now a thing of the past. With mRay, you are relying on a system that was developed as a medical device from the very beginning and that gives top priority to data security. The quality management for the development of our software has been certified since the beginning of 2020 in line with the more stringent guidelines of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which will not become legally binding until mid 2021.

Our software has been used in hospitals for many years and more than one hundred hospitals have put their trust in our software, including the university hospitals in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Schleswig-Holstein, Göttingen, Ulm, Freiburg, Regensburg, as well as large hospital groups such as Asklepios and Vivantes.

We would be pleased to accompany you during the entire process of application and offer you the opportunity to test mRay for two months free of charge! Please contact us until 30.11.2020 under (+49) 6221 6734 880 or send us an email.

#KHZG #Krankenhauszukungtsgesetz #DigitalTransformation #mRay #DigitalRadiology #Funds

12 October 2020

We developed a new app for research purposes

With mbits-PIA, messages from medical staff are transmitted directly to patients' smartphones

new mbits App Pia

In addition to the mRay App, which enables doctors to communicate radiological image data, mbits, as an expert for medical app development, has designed another mobile application. With PIA mbits is providing patients with all important information during their stay in hospital.

A typical hospital scenario: Patients have not been informed in time or only insufficiently about upcoming appointments or postponed appointments due to time constraints and wait in vain for the upcoming round or the newly scheduled surgery appointment.

PIA enables the electronic communication of messages, appointments and information to patients during a inpatient hospitalization, which makes processes more efficient and reduces waiting times.

A related research project of the University Hospital in Heidelberg will start in a few weeks. We will keep you up to date!

02 October 2020

Share study by link with mRay 6.0

Share images with patients or colleagues via link - fast and easy with mRay

Split images by link

Share a study via link to exchange information with colleagues about a specific case or send images to your patients - the current version of mRay makes it possible. In our YouTube-Tutorial we show you how easy it is.