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e-Health solution: Referring Physician Portal

Mit Zuweiserportalen kann die Zusammenarbeit zwischen verschiedenen Akteuren effizienter gestaltet werden. Sie reduzieren Wartezeiten und optimieren den Einsatz kostenintensiver Ressourcen. Sie standardisieren und beschleunigen Prozessabläufe,

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Healthcare in Europe reports on mRay

"mRay is an important building block in our digital strategy". "The great freedom in reporting," is the current headline of healthcare-in-europe. Prof. Dr. Gerald Weisser, interventional radiologist and consultant to the medical director

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mbits on ZDF

At 6:30 p.m. on "nano". We can finally let the cat out of the bag. Last week, the ZDF paid us a visit and gave us

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Since the advent of digitization, nothing has highlighted the importance of face-to-face contact like the pandemic. Face-to-face events have gained in value since then. We are therefore delighted to welcome every visitor to the numerous events in which we participate each year.


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