Bill Gates mRay app für die it "Niemand braucht mehr als 640 KB RAM"

"Nobody needs more than 640 kB RAM"

Stay up to date!

None of us has a magic glass ball. We help you to keep pace with time and to be optimally equipped - for whatever may come.

Simple Integration

It‘s been going on and on and on

When implementing IT solutions, do you always think of projects which often lasted several weeks? Not with us. Thanks to established standards, mRay can be integrated within one hour. System stability, individualization and good support are part of our DNA.


We had a total of three support requests last year. You don‘t think so? Just ask our customers! And in the case, something happens: Our team is always at your disposal immediately and personally.

mRay app für die it mit sorgenfreiem support
darstellung der it im krankenhaus mit einfachem support durch standards


Standards. This is the only way the world of IT in hospitals works. We use cutting-edge technology for software that can also speak to all other systems.

Secure, Multi-level Encryption

Fully traceable end-to-end encryption

'You‘ll have to take care of the security yourself.' Such statements are wide spreaded. But not with us! For mbits, IT security is not an extra module, but the foundation on which we build. A sophisticated, certified security system protects the highly sensitive data at any time.

You decide where the data is located

You can choose between three different installation variants: 

  1. on-premises installation on a VM in your company's intranet
  2. installation on a cloud server
  3. hybrid installation
Schematic representation of an integration of the mRay Hybrid Cloud
mray für die it und den support bring your own device

Integrated MDM Functions

  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Device.
  • Fully traceable end-to-end encryption.
  • Secure container on all platforms.
  • Individual device management.
  • Remote deletion of data in case of device loss.

Download times and compression of mRay

Comparison table at a download speed of 8 Mbit/sec

Data set
Size of DICOM data on the hard disk
Compressed data
mRay client download time at 8 Mbit/sec
CT Thorax, 5 series
155 MB
51,3 MB
67 %
92 sec.
CT Thorax, 5 series
155 MB
18,8 MB
88 %
24 sec.
CT Abdomen, 6 series
165 MB
44,5 MB
73 %
57 sec.
CT Abdomen, 6 series
165 MB
27,6 MB
83 %
34 sec.
CT Hand and wrist, 6 series
177 MB
22,6 MB
74 %
45 sec.
CT Hand and wrist, 6 series
117 MB
9,05 MB
93 %
14 sec.
CT Skull, 5 series
114 MB
30,7 MB
80 %
36 sec.
CT Skull, 5 series
114 MB
7,69 MB
92 %
14 sec.

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mRay for the IT

You may already find some answers here

No. The gateway is only a connection broker, comparable to a reverse proxy. No data is stored on the gateway at any time.

Yes. mRay provides the ability to manage the sharing of devices to the mRay system. The following options can be selected:

  1. All devices are automatically approved
  2. Only the first device of a user is automatically approved. All further devices require approval by an mRay administrator.
  3. No device is automatically approved. All must be approved by an mRay administrator

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