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"Nobody needs more than 640 kB RAM"

Stay up to date!

None of us has a magic glass ball. We help you to keep pace with time and to be optimally equipped - for whatever may come.

Simple Integration

It‘s been going on and on and on

When implementing IT solutions, do you always think of projects which often lasted several weeks? Not with us. Thanks to established standards, mRay can be integrated within one hour. System stability, individualization and good support are part of our DNA.


We had a total of three support requests last year. You don‘t think so? Just ask our customers! And in the case, something happens: Our team is always at your disposal immediately and personally.

mRay fuer IT


Standards. This is the only way the world of IT in hospitals works. We use cutting-edge technology for software that can also speak to all other systems.

Secure, Multi-level Encryption

Fully traceable end-to-end encryption

'You‘ll have to take care of the security yourself.' Such statements are wide spreaded. But not with us! For mbits, IT security is not an extra module, but the foundation on which we build. A sophisticated, certified security system protects the highly sensitive data at any time.

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The data is yours

With mRay you are the owner of your data. For a good reason we don‘t use any cloud infrastructures.

mRay not in cloud
bring your own device

Integrated MDM functions

  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device.
  • Fully traceable end-to-end encryption.
  • Secure container on all platforms.
  • Individual device management.
  • Remote deletion of data in case of device loss.

Download times and compression of mRay

Comparison table at a download speed of 8 Mbit/sec

Größe der DICOM Daten auf der Festplatte
Komprimierte Daten
mRay Client Downloadzeit bei 8 Mbit/Sek
CT Thorax, 5 Serien
155 MB
51,3 MB
67 %
92 Sek.
CT Thorax, 5 Serien
155 MB
18,8 MB
88 %
24 Sek.
CT Abdomen, 6 Serien
165 MB
44,5 MB
73 %
57 Sek.
CT Abdomen, 6 Serien
165 MB
27,6 MB
83 %
34 Sek.
CT Hand und Handgelenk, 6 Serien
177 MB
22,6 MB
74 %
45 Sek.
CT Hand und Handgelenk, 6 Serien
117 MB
9,05 MB
93 %
14 Sek.
CT Schädel, 5 Serien
114 MB
30,7 MB
80 %
36 Sek.
CT Schädel, 5 Serien
114 MB
7,69 MB
92 %
14 Sek.

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Any Questions About mRay?

You can reach us on all channels

Contact us by mail, phone or via chat. We will answer you immediately. Alternatively, you can get a more comprehensive impression of mRay here and simply try out the countless application possibilities of our physician app yourself!

FAQs for IT Staff

You may already find some answers here

Register at There you can also upload your data.

The images are then also available on your smartphone. You can log in to the app with the account from the website. Use the server URL "" and enter your email address and password. 

mRay offers the possibility to create a temporary link to studies or series. This can be sent e.g. by mail or in any chat program. The link is protected against unauthorized access with a PIN.

  • You are in possession of a CD with your pictures. Then you can view them if you register on There you can upload your pictures. The images are then available, for example, on their smartphone or tablet in the mRay app.
  • The images are still in the hospital / doctor's office. If your hospital / doctor's office uses mRay, they can provide you with the images via a link. Please contact your doctor or the medical assistants.

mRay uses a standard DICOM interface for communication with the PACS. There are 2 possibilities:

    1. Push Principle. Sending from the PACS from a workstation via DICOM C-Store.
    2. Pull Principle. Search in PACS with request for a study on DICOM C-Find and C-Move.

The data security measures are as follows:

  1. Establishing an encrypted connection
  2. Separation of image data and metadata
  3. Encrypted storage of image data (AES256 encryption)
  4. Timestamp for automatic deletion from device
  5. Ability to enable individual devices to access the mRay system
  6. Possibility of using an MDM