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Reporting on the tablet

Teleradiology is a pioneer in telemedicine, but it is far from being an established standard. It is an important aid in times of increasing workload and demands in the field of radiology. 

The portable Teleradiology Workstation

With mRay, you can also work teleradiologically on a tablet in compliance with all current legal requirements. As a class IIb medical device, the software is suitable for this and can be approved. We are happy to advise and supervise you during the application process.

teleradiologie schädel darstellung der bilddaten in der mray app

Affordable, fast and easy

Save costs with mobile, radiological workstations. Benefit from fast and easy image access. mRay facilitates the exchange of images and data with referring physicians.

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FAQs about Teleradiology

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Yes. Under certain conditions, this is even possible on a tablet. You can find out more about this at

Yes, this is possible if the monitor is calibrated and approved according to DIN 6868-157.


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