mRay VEOcore available on MED-KI

Strategic partnership between mbits and MedEcon

We are pleased to announce that our application mRay VEOcore is available on MED-KI! The KI marketplace was created by MedCon for the Westdeutscher Teleradiologieverbund - a supra-regional network of clinics and practices - where the participants of the network can find and book various KI-based offers.

Our mRay VEOcore module, developed in collaboration with VEObrain and the University Hospital of Freiburg, supports rapid therapy decision-making in stroke cases and provides automated CT/MRI perfusion evaluation. Especially in strokes, timely treatment is crucial for therapeutic success, which is why a potentially faster therapy decision can significantly improve the outcome. Like mRay, mRay VEOcore can be seamlessly integrated into all PACS systems.


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