mRay on a large scale in radiology practices

My Radiology Holding becomes strategic partner of mbits

On August 01, 2020, mbits imaging GmbH will start a strategic partnership with Meine Radiologie Holding (MRH Group) - a Germany-wide network of radiology practices that is continuously growing.

Meine Radiologie Holding offers successful owners of radiology, nuclear medicine or radiation therapy practices a professional succession solution by taking over practices, group practices and medical care centers, accompanying the handover process and helping the departing owners to ensure the long-term preservation of their life's work.

Our app mRay will be rolled out to all MRH Group sites so that all radiologists in the group can benefit without restriction. According to a press release from the MRH Group, "Thanks to the innovative app, we are providing our physicians with more flexibility in their services and enabling faster reporting to our partners and patients.


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