mray release 6.3

mRay 6.3 out now!

With the new mRay version, you'll never have to carry around CDs again.

Doctors who send CDs with medical image data by cab? - Yes, that still exists. With mRay 6.3, this is finally a thing of the past! The latest version of our app now also offers the download of medical image data and PDFs - separate or as a zip file, just as you need it.

Also patients can now download their data directly and securely from the clinic via the mRay server and no longer need CDs. With mRay 6.3, you not only save time and resources, but also make it easier for your patients to view their medical image data comfortably.

Try mRay 6.3 now for free with our web client or download it for iOs, Android or Windows.

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