mbits becomes city cyclists

"Cycling for a good climate" is the motto of the world's largest bicycle campaign "Stadtradeln" run by the Climate Alliance. The aim is to set an example for more bicycle promotion by cycling as many everyday trips as possible in a climate-friendly way for three weeks.

In this way, Climate Alliance not only wants to draw attention to the bicycle infrastructure, but also show how much carbon dioxide emissions can be saved. More than 2,500 municipalities have already registered this year. Until the end of September, they have time to collect kilometers on 21 days.

We think the campaign is great in general, but against the backdrop of the current crises, it is absolutely mandatory. mbits imaging is therefore participating with a team for Heidelberg. Since Monday, July 4, until Sunday, July 24, the colleagues have been cycling diligently to work and through the region.

How much the mbits team has cycled, you can see continuously updated in the bike meter:


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