AI at Your Fingertips: mbits and IB Lab Join Forces

We are excited about the upcoming collaboration between mbits and the Vienna-based company ImageBiopsy Lab (IB Lab). This partnership will enable our mRay users to access AI-powered expertise in the fields of musculoskeletal radiology and orthopedic surgery.

ImageBiopsy Lab is a leading scale-up company in the field of digital health, specializing in AI-based solutions for musculoskeletal diagnostics. Their software applications are based on X-ray images and provide radiologists and orthopedic surgeons with fast, quantitative, and standardized reports. The portfolio includes solutions for various areas such as the knee, hip, leg, hand, and spine.

By integrating ImageBiopsy Lab's AI-powered software applications into mRay, our customers will benefit from enhanced functionalities. The motto here is "AI at the push of a button," enabling automatic measurements and analyses, such as assessing pediatric bone age, evaluating knee osteoarthritis, or measuring leg length discrepancies. These tools allow for more efficient and precise diagnoses and contribute to optimized patient care.

For existing mbits customers, the installation of ImageBiopsy Lab solutions is straightforward. We are available to provide you with more information about the AI tools and the benefits for your clinic. In September, you can also find us at our joint booth at the GPR Annual Conference in Vienna, the OERG Congress in Salzburg, and R3 Imaging in Konstanz.

We look forward to a long-term and successful partnership with our colleagues from Austria.


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