Doctors in quarantine

Medical staff increasingly affected by Covid-19 themselves

Because of Covid-19, clinics and physicians are currently completely overloaded, staff are increasingly affected themselves and are increasingly quarantined. This means that necessary interventions are continuously postponed.

In Germany, there are approximately 260,000 strokes per year. According to the medical society, there were more than 1.7 million hospital admissions due to heart disease in 2017. Cardiovascular disease is by far the leading cause of death in 2018.

These are patients who still need to be cared for. Because Covid-19 affects all hospital departments!

We want to play a part in addressing the situation with mRay. Our mobile solution enables fast and secure communication of medical image data, in the home office, for virtual meetings and secured call services. Medical staff can thus communicate with each other even in a state of emergency. In compliance with given hygiene measures, cases can be shared live and synchronously via mRay and discussed in virtual meetings regardless of location.

mRay is installed within one hour and ready for operation for entire departments. For the installation of an mRay server in your clinic, please contact us directly: Tel.: (+49) 6221-6734880.

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