mRay launch in MVZ Meine Radiologie Franken

CEO Dr. med Dr. rer. pol. Dirk Knüppel enthusiastic about mRay.

Image data and findings can be provided digitally via our patient and referring physician portal. The patient findings are sent within a short time to the referring physicians and cooperating practices, who in turn can provide treatment at an early stage if necessary. This creates a network for optimal care of all patients, which has now been expanded together with MVZ Meine Radiologie Franken.

The Meine Radiologie Holding (MRH Group) accompanies radiology, radiation therapy and nucleology practices on the path to succession with innovative solutions. Since 2018, it has now acquired more than 25 practices in nine locations with approximately 500 employees. Meanwhile, through the partnership formed in August 2020 between the holding company and mbits imaging GmbH, our app mRay is being used extensively at all MRH Group locations.

'We are thrilled with the professionalism and excellent customer service of the company mbits enthusiastically and look forward to the prompt implementation at all centers of the MRH Group', adds Dr. med Dr. rer. pol. Dirk Knüppel.

We thank you very much for the praising words, we are also enthusiastic about the partnership and look forward to all future projects and further cooperation.


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