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Second Opinion / Consideration

JPG means that this data set is transmitted compressed (according to the consensus conference). See also Loose et al: Compression of digital images in radiology - results of a consensus conference. Rofo. 2009 Jan;181(1):32-7. doi: 10.1055/s-2008-1027847.

Make sure that the search field is empty. By deleting the filter entry, all records will be displayed again.

Some PACS manufacturers require a search query that distinguishes between upper and lower case letters. For example, "schmidt" does not return any results, but "Schmidt" does.

The reference lines (section planes) are calculated from the DICOM files using the Image Orientation Patient (0020,0037) and Image Position Patient (0020,0032) parameters. The lines are only displayed if these data are available or valid sections can be calculated from them.

mRay offers the possibility to create a temporary link to studies or series. This can be sent to the expert, e.g. by mail.  The link is protected against unauthorized access with a PIN.

Your chat partner has read the message when a small eye icon is shown on the message. The read function is not yet available in groups.

  • The specified user does not exist.
  • The specified password is not correct.
  • The capitalization of the user is not correct (Only for versions before mRay 6.0)
  • mRay in the clinic: contact an IT employee at the clinic. He can reset the password for you.
  • mRay Cloud: Go to https://mray.app in your browser and select the "Forgot password" option on the login screen. Enter your email address and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • mRay in clinic: you will receive the address from the IT department of your clinic. 
  • mRay Cloud: Use "mray.app" to use mRay Cloud.
  • mRay in clinic: you will receive the address from the IT department of your clinic.
  • mRay Cloud: Use "mray.app" to use mRay Cloud.
  • PINs for the clinic login will be sent by mail to your clinic mail address. Make sure that you have access to your mailbox.

    • Check the spam folder. Maybe the mail was mistakenly detected as spam.
    • If you cannot find the mail in your mailbox, contact your clinic IT. An employee can also give you the PIN by phone / in person.

For security reasons, your clinic only allows login with previously approved devices. Contact a member of the clinic IT staff to have the desired device unlocked.

The causes can be very diverse. You can see the current transfer rate during a download in the side menu by clicking on the mRay logo. Check over which connection you are currently connected, i.e. WLAN or mobile data.

  1. Check your connection type. You may be on the mobile network and have used up your data volume.
  2. Are you downloading other stuff outside of mRay? This can reduce the transfer rate.

mRay Cloud

  1. There may be temporary fluctuations in data rates. If the problem persists, contact support@mbits.info.

mRay in the clinic

  1. If you are in the clinic WLAN, please contact your clinic IT.
  2. If necessary, perform an independent speed test. If the values achieved differ greatly from the transmission speeds in mRay, contact your clinic IT.


Yes. This is also possible without mRay internal calibration.

We refer to the following consensus and its results (JPEG compression factors). Quote: "In a consensus conference (Loose et al. 2009), the topic of image compression of DICOM data was discussed with radiologists, medical physicists, industry and government representatives. Based on the 56 highest rated studies selected from 216 publications, as well as the largest study currently published from Canada, they discussed whether image compression is possible without reducing diagnostic image quality, and if so, what factors should be considered. The result of this conference, which was attended by more than 80 experts, was published in the journal "RöFo - Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und bildgebenden Verfahren" at the beginning of 2009.

The Lux Meter display is only available on iOS.

Once you have opened the Lux Meter, click Start to perform the measurement. The Lux Meter will then also determine the room class you are in and log it automatically.

The Lux Meter display is only available on iOS.

This feature needs to be configured on the mRay server and has certainly not been set up yet. Contact your clinic IT, they will contact us for setup.

This function must be configured on the mRay server. Contact your clinic IT, they will contact us for the setup.

The manual measurement of the partial distance is one of the test points of the constancy test, which must be performed monthly. A regular measurement, e.g. every working day, is recommended.

Yes, when changing the location, the following points must be checked again: initial measurement of the transmission time (6.2.2), completeness of the data transmission (6.2.3) (DIN 6868-159).

Photo Documentation

No. Access to photos within the gallery is not supported for privacy and security reasons.

No. The data remains encrypted within mRay and is not viewable by the user or by other apps.

VEOcore Perfusion Analysis

Check whether the host application or the sending device (PACS or CT/MR device) has issued a warning or error. If not, carefully check that you have sent all the required and the correct input images. Try sending the images again.

Review the motion correction report to estimate the severity of the motion and check for false alarms in the segmentation. If you have doubts about the reliability of the results, do not use them for your decisions.

Review the qcontrol_bolus report and check the time curves. If they are very noisy, interpret the results carefully. If no bolus is visible in the time curves, this may be due to a problem with the contrast medium injection (not flowed in or flowed in too late). In this case, you can repeat the measurement.

Core segmentation is based on a global threshold of 30%. This does not take into account differences in gray and white matter. Check this visually with the contralateral counterpart or in the qcontrol_flowstats report. Consider that severe microangiopathy can lead to relevant hypoperfusion, potentially resulting in false positive CBF core segmentation. If you have doubts about the reliability of the results, do not use them for your decisions.

Very small lesions in the range of 1-2mL can be smoothed away by mask generation.

In this case the coregistration between perfusion and diffusion was faulty and diffusion and flair were wrongly twisted to perfusion.
Coregistration errors can unfortunately occur due to algorithmic reasons (keyword "local minimum").
In principle, the "fallback" strategy described in the user manual applies in the case of erroneous evaluations:
Visual check of coregistration => if erroneous, visual interpretation of the results => if unclear or not possible, do not use evaluation.

  • Other evaluations were in progress or pending. Perfusion analysis using VEOcore is very computationally intensive, which is why mRay can usually only perform one evaluation at a time. Therefore, delays may occur with multiple evaluation requests.
  • The dispatch of the study from the PACS was so slow that the perfusion evaluation has already been started in the meantime. Unfortunately, it is not apparent when all the data is sent when it arrives. If the logic condition for starting the evaluation is fulfilled beforehand, this problem may occur under certain circumstances. The incorrectly started evaluation is then aborted and restarted. At the end, however, the correct and complete results should be available.
It is necessary to distinguish two things in the present evaluation, one is the calculation of volumes and mismatch ratio and the other is the warning about the characteristics of bolus progression.
For the first point, the cause may be that a volume determination with the scanner you are using is not possible to reliably match the calculated values with the DEFUSE3 criteria. This is the case, for example, if your scanner only records 4 slices, i.e. only a partial image of the brain. The calculated values would then have no significance. However, the fact that a perfusion evaluation in the form of the perfusion maps is nevertheless available for such images may well be useful for other questions and it is therefore calculated.
The warning "Bolus very low" means that unusually little KM arrived in the brain, thus the results can be quite noisy. Reasons for this can be:
- comparatively little KM given
- special cardiovascular situation or very heavy patient, so that little KM arrives in the brain
- problems with the injection (not correctly or all flowed in).


In the login field, enter your email address that you used during registration.

This function is currently not yet provided. This will be possible in a future mRay version via in-app purchase.

(Internal: the storage space can be set arbitrarily per account / group via an option)

You must give the app permission to access the local network.

You can restore hidden studies and series in the settings. To do this, click on the mRay button at the top left and select the settings. You will then find the option under Devices Settings >> Data >> Show hidden data.

In the Inbox, go to the mRay icon and then to Settings. Then go to the account management, there you can change your password.

mRay FAQs – IT

No. The gateway is only a connection broker, comparable to a reverse proxy. No data is stored on the gateway at any time.

Yes. mRay provides the ability to manage the sharing of devices to the mRay system. The following options can be selected:

  1. All devices are automatically approved
  2. Only the first device of a user is automatically approved. All further devices require approval by an mRay administrator.
  3. No device is automatically approved. All must be approved by an mRay administrator

mRay FAQs – Interested People

Second Opinion / Consideration

Register at https://mray.app. There you can also upload your data.

The images are then also available on your smartphone. You can log in to the app with the account from the website. Use "mray.app" as server URL and enter your email address and password. 

mRay offers the possibility to create a temporary link to studies or series. This can be sent e.g. by mail or in any chat program. The link is protected against unauthorized access with a PIN.

  • You are in possession of a CD with your pictures. Then you can view them if you register on https://start.mray.app. There you can upload your pictures. The images are then available, for example, on their smartphone or tablet in the mRay app.
  • The images are still in the hospital / doctor's office. If your hospital / doctor's office uses mRay, they can provide you with the images via a link. Please contact your doctor or the medical assistants.

mRay uses a standard DICOM interface for communication with the PACS. There are 2 possibilities:

    1. Push Principle. Sending from the PACS from a workstation via DICOM C-Store.
    2. Pull Principle. Search in PACS with request for a study on DICOM C-Find and C-Move.

The data security measures are as follows:

  1. Establishing an encrypted connection
  2. Separation of image data and metadata
  3. Encrypted storage of image data (AES256 encryption)
  4. Timestamp for automatic deletion from device
  5. Ability to enable individual devices to access the mRay system
  6. Possibility of using an MDM


Yes. Under certain conditions, this is even possible on a tablet. You can find out more about this at https://mbits.info/downloads/mRay-Nutzungsanweisungen_Befundung.pdf.

Yes, this is possible if the monitor is calibrated and approved according to DIN 6868-157.

Photo Documentation

No. Access to photos within the gallery is not supported for privacy and security reasons.

No. The data remains encrypted within mRay and is not viewable by the user or by other apps.

Yes. The photos are automatically sent to your PACS after being assigned to a patient.

VEOcore Perfusion Analysis

Perfusion analysis of brain images allows visualization and quantification of low-perfusion tissue (penumbra), non-perfusion tissue (core tissue), and the mismatch ratio between the two values. The calculated values can be used to support decision making based on the assessment of the extent of tissue damage.

Usually, the evaluation can be started automatically in the standard configuration. If required, the possibility for manual evaluation can be set up.


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