mbits travels to Thailand

We are excited to announce the growth of our customer base in Thailand with four new clinics in the Southeast Asian region! Thanks to the growth we saw last year, we now have nearly 20 clinics as customers, spread across the entire country. In addition to building an expert network, mRay enables local physicians to provide flexible on-call services, fast second opinions, mobile image access, and secure messaging. We are proud to support the digital future of Southeast Asia and thank our customers for their trust.

From February 09 to 12, the AOCR (Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology) will take place in Bangkok. This is the perfect opportunity for us to travel to the Land of Smiles and meet our customers in person and make new contacts. Together with our local sales partner, our CEO, Dr. Ingmar Gergel will take the opportunity to visit the congress.

Are you also in Thailand by chance? Then visit us and discover the advantages and application possibilities of mRay in a unique atmosphere!


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