125 years of x-ray - 5 years mRay

At the end of the year and the anniversaries, our best wishes to all of you.

The development of new vaccines will end this pandemic, of that there is little doubt. Scientific progress makes it possible, and in a year's time - back to normality - people will be talking about an extraordinary Christmas 2020.

At the same time, in the shadow of the pandemic, an important anniversary in medical technology has fallen somewhat by the wayside: 125 years ago, Conrad Röntgen made a quantum leap for medicine with the discovery of X-rays.

No one knows how it happened in detail. What is certain, however, is that Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen experimented in 1895 with electric charges in an airless glass tube and unexpectedly discovered radiation, which was henceforth referred to as x-ray. He published his observations before the end of 1895. A first X-ray image of the hand bone of his wife Bertha together with a ring became an icon of science.

With a small tribute, we celebrate 125 years of x-ray and 5 years of mRay. We are sure that scientific advances, like that of Conrad Röntgen, will continue today to ensure that 2020 remains the exception rather than the rule.

In this spirit, we wish you and your families happy and relaxing holidays and a good start into an easier 2021. Stay healthy and digital!


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