Paper Confirms PIA App

Significant improvement in the delivery of patient information and satisfaction thanks to the PIA app

Three years ago, we reported on the development of the Patient Information Assistant (PIA) App and the associated research project at Heidelberg University Hospital. The aim of the study was to develop and evaluate a user-friendly medical app for providing individual patient information before and after urological surgeries. Now, the corresponding paper with the research findings has been published.

The study focused on the usability and acceptance of the PIA App among patients during their hospitalization for urological procedures. A total of 22 patients, aged 35 to 75 years, were provided with information, push notifications, and personalized appointments through the PIA App. Among the 22 patients, 19 evaluated the PIA App in terms of its usage, usability, benefits, and potential for improvement. 95% of the study participants did not require any assistance in using the app, 74% confirmed feeling better informed and more satisfied with their hospital stay due to the PIA App, and 89% expressed their willingness to use the PIA App again and support the general use of medical apps in healthcare.

The results indicate that the PIA App was well accepted during hospitalization and served as an additional information tool for patients. The app has the potential to enhance communication and optimize patient care. With the development of this innovative digital health information tool, we have created targeted support for the physician-nurse-patient communication and uncovered great potential for assisting patients before and after surgeries.


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