One year of mRay Video Assistant

Have you tried our mRay Video Assistant yet? Designed specifically for the private practice sector, this assistant has been in operation for a year now, diligently handling inquiries since then.

Our CEO, Dr. Ingmar Gergel, who acts as an avatar, guides you through a digital consultation process. This allows for direct communication while addressing important questions together. Within minutes, you can discuss key aspects such as desired infrastructure, the number of reports to be processed, and the integration of various doctors into the system. Together, we will find customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual needs.

The best part? The mRay Video Assistant not only offers efficient consultation but also delivers immediate results. You'll receive a customized offer right away, completely obligation-free. So why not take a look for yourself? Take the opportunity and give it a try. Click here to access the mRay Video Assistant directly.


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