Images via app instead of CD

Owners of radiological practices are increasingly facing the challenge of providing their patients and their (further) treating physicians with easy access to findings and image data. mRay patient and referring physician portals offer the option to send images and findings digitally via app.

Patients receive temporary access via a link sent through email, SMS, or QR code, which is unlocked with a PIN. They can then access, download, export, and share their images, making it easy for them to use the information for second opinions or follow-up treatments. The access is provided through the mRay app or the mRay web viewer.

Referrering physicians are assigned fixed user accounts with additional functionalities. This includes transmitting key images, findings, and other documents. Furthermore, mRay can serve as a quick messaging platform between radiologists and referring physicians. Push notifications inform about new data to ensure rapid access.

The use of mRay portal solutions offers numerous advantages for radiological practices and patients. The uncomplicated digital provision of image data eliminates the tedious process of burning CDs or sending findings via fax. This not only saves time and costs but also avoids security risks associated with physical media distribution. In addition, practices benefit from efficient referrer retention and offer technically savvy patients a contemporary and attractive service that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

mRay portals are characterized by easy and quick implementation, and they can seamlessly integrate into the existing system. They offer an integrated viewing functionality, allowing users to directly view image data within the application. Furthermore, examinations can be grouped to facilitate organization and management.

Try the mRay portal at with PIN 111111, and let our digital video assistant help you create a personalized, non-binding offer.


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