27 March 2020

Our initiative is in demand

In the wake of the crisis this week, five houses installed mRay

The new mbits customers of the past week

The Regiomed Kliniken Coburg take advantage of our offer and use mRay free of charge for the duration of the crisis. The radiology of the practice Mosbach, the radiological practice of the Klinikum Landkreis Tuttlingen and other departments of the hospital as well as the Radiology Rhein Nahe in Bingen are following and currently testing mRay. After a little time of pre-listening, the Klinkum Memmingen uses mRay also throughout the whole clinic.

We would like to thank all new mRay users for their trust in our system and are looking forward to a long-term cooperation.

Last week we started our initiative in the fight against the corona virus and continue to offer mRay free of charge for the duration of the crisis. Please contact us by phone or mail or try out the new chat function on our homepage. Our support team is prepared and can carry out installations at short notice and unbureaucratically.

At the beginning of last week, we already reported on five new customers who use mRay for remote work during the crisis.

24 March 2020

The Radiology Magazine reports about our initiative in the fight against Covid-19

Interview with CEO Dr. Ingmar Gergel

The Radiology Magazine reports on our initiative in the fight against Covid-19

The radilogy magazine reports online about our initiative, to offer mRay free of charge for the duration of the crisis, but at least for the next two months, which means that all hospital departments are free to use our mobile DICOM platform.

In the article, Dr. Ingmar Gergel, CEO of mbits, explains the offer. We hope that this will make a small contribution to relieving the health system and to help overcome the crisis.

20 March 2020

When doctors are in quarantine

Mobile solutions are now indispensable!

mRay is now indispensable!

The current crisis is forcing clinics to take measures that would otherwise require months, if not years of preparation: home office - also known as remote work or mobile working.

Many clinics are now faced with the challenge of setting up sufficient home offices and providing access to the computers at the workplace via VPN connections. However, access to the clinic workstation alone will not be sufficient in the coming weeks. Doctors need to be able to exchange information quickly and on a case-by-case basis, they need access to the PACS and the ability to view, send or even view medical image data on mobile devices.

We provide our software free of charge for the duration of the crisis, but at least for the next two months. All departments can use our mobile DICOM platform mRay without restrictions to cover all these needs and to create measures to stabilize this emergency situation.

Our software has been in use in numerous renowned university hospitals for several years. We are currently working to make new installations possible quickly and without bureaucracy.

Contact us by mail or phone.
mail: sales@mbits.info
Phone: (+49) 6221-6734880

18 March 2020

mRay in times of crisis

Five new customers using mRay for remote work

The new mbits customers of the past weeks

The Allee Radiology in Remscheid has been one of the first radiology practices to opt for the mRay referral portal, which helps the referring physicians to receive medical images of their patients digitally and immediately. Taxi rides to transport CDs and DVDs are history here. The Ruppiner Kliniken have in turn been one of the first clinics to use the mRay uploader portal, which enables external employees of the clinic to transmit medical images quickly and securely.

We are also pleased about the Klinikum Westmünsterland, which will use mRay in the future for the background service in radiology, and the Klinikum Esslingen, who are now using mRay-VEOcore for a fully automated perfusion analysis for better therapy decisions.

We are breaking new ground with the veterinary practice Konar Tartarelli, which with the help of mRay has become a pioneer in Italy in the field of Teleradiology in veterinary medicine.

We would like to thank all new mbits customers for their trust in our system and are looking forward to the future cooperation.

05 March 2020

Covid 19: Immediate insights through rapid exchange

Using mRay for urgent research results in the fight against the coronavirus

instant research of covid 19 with mRay

Every day, authorities worldwide report further infections with the novel coronavirus. There is a high level of uncertainty among patients, physicians, medical and nursing staff in dealing with this acute situation. As a result, the burden on medical and nursing staff is increasing, which in turn can lead to absenteeism due to staff illnesses and thus further stress for other employees.

The mobile application mRay can relieve the burden especially in these times by providing personnel with a tool for the digital communication of image data, medical documents and other treatment-relevant information. Particularly with the threat of an emerging pandemic in a globalised and networked world, digital tools such as mRay are indispensable for effective action.

As already published, Covid-19 infection can be detected much earlier with computed tomography than with PCR. The integrated communication platform in mRay has the advantage of sharing complete series or individual image sections as key images with colleagues regionally, nationally or internationally at the push of a button. For the exchange of information and for the care of (potentially) infected or sick patients, communication is a simple and, above all, secure solution for all sides.

As part of the global crisis, we are making mRay available this month to interested clinics, practices or other organizations without installation costs. Please contact us promptly.

17 February 2020

We made it among the Top 5 digitisation topics 2020

mbits convinces at the decision maker event

mits convinced at the decision maker event 2020

With our concept for "Seamless Digital Support In Stroke Care" we were able to convince those entitled to vote at the decision-making event in Düsseldorf last Thursday.

At the event of the Entscheiderfabrik, 12 digitisation topics in the health care system were introduced. mbits presented together with clinic representative Prof. Dr. Marios-Nikos Psychogios an innovative solution for complete stroke care and thus made it among the top 5. During the following decision cycle we will present the progress of the project at the Summer Camp in Teltge and the final results at MEDICA in November.

We would like to thank all those who gave us their votes. We will keep you up to date.

12 February 2020

mbits Research published in Journal

Tochless, Intra-operative Image Viewing Using Deep Learning

mbits Gesture Detection

In cooperation with the Diakonissen Hospital Mannheim our work on the "Evaluating Usability of a Touchless Image Viewer in the Operating Room" was published in the Journal of Applied Clinics Informatics.

A simple Neural Network is used to recognize different gestures of physicians to control mRay. The usability study proves its intuitive application. The simple integration into mRay resulted in a human-computer interaction, based on the simplest technology to digitalize and accelerate medical processes.

We would like to thank all participants for the excellent cooperation.

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