18 January 2017

To our customers, visitors and friends: A happy new year!

mbits Team 2017 01

A lot has happened at mbits and we want to keep our visitors up to date after a long break. By the way: To all visitors a happy and successful new year!

First of all, we would like to welcome Mrs. Miriam Antes in our sales team. Her many years of experience in the distribution of speech recognition software will be of great value for our team.

New Website

We would also like to point out that our website is currently being completely revised. Be curious and visit us again soon!

18 January 2017

mbits and Image - strong Partners


In addition we are very happy to announce that the mbits imaging GmbH has started a long-term partnership with Image Information Systems GmbH in Rostock. The contract has been signed on August 1st 2016, and was signed jointly with all managing directors (in the top picture from left to right: Dr. Michael Müller, Dr. Arpad Bischof, Mike Jensen, Dr. Ingmar Gergel). The cooperation will focus on the joint distribution of the world-wide unique "MED-TAB", the first DICOM calibrated, medical Tablet. More information can be found at www.image-systems.biz and www.med-tab.com . mRay will be used as a software on MED-TAB (among others).

18 January 2017

Funding by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

ZIM Projekt

We are pleased to inform you that the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy is supporting us in the context of an innovative project. The project title is "Development of a hybrid device for the real-time visualization of optical 2D image data streams and pre-interventionally acquired, medical 3D image data based on a marker-free registration".
The purpose of this project is to extend our mobile radiological platform mRay with a real Augmented Reality function. The physician can use this method to display CT or MR images in 3D above a patient and thus gain an impression of the anatomy.
From the application text: The integration of preoperative image data into the workflow in the operating theater is a problem that is becoming increasingly urgent considering the progression of powerful imaging methods. Essentially, displaying image information during surgery is about providing the information specific to the context without disturbing the intervention.
Experimental augmented reality techniques, in which pre-operative data are rendered on 2D live camera users, suffer from the fact that the patient's position requires complex tracking systems and multimodal markers, which must remain patient for days or weeks between imaging and surgery. We present a new approach. By combining with a third imaging component, a depth camera with a static arrangement relative to the camera, the patient should be registered without a marker and a registration of the preoperative data on the camera image becomes possible. Thus, the position of important structures in the body can be explored before the first cut.

19 July 2016

mbits imaging GmbH - mobile app in the field of radiology

The BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH has created a company profile on behalf of the "Healthcare Industry BW". The article "mbits imaging GmbH - mobile app in the field of radiology" can be found here:

01 July 2016

Best Paper Award - Audience IPCAI 2016

Congratulations to Esther Wild, Dogu Teber, Daniel Schmid, Tobias Simpfendörfer, Michael Müller (mbits imaging GmbH), Ann-Christin Baranski, Hannes Kenngott, Klaus Kopka, Lena Maier-Hein for winning the Best Paper Award on the 7th International Conference on Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions Heidelberg, Germany, June 21-22, 2016 for their paper "Robust Augmented Reality Guidance with Fluorescent Markers in Laparoscopic Surgery".

Best Paper Award - Audience IPCAI 2016
15 April 2016

mRay + MEDTAB: The combination for professional and certified image reading on tablet computers.

mRay auf MEDTAB

Our partners from IMAGE information systems just presented their first DICOM-calibrated Tablet "MED-TAB" on the ECR 2016. mRay is used as the software part. See the video on Radiologieforum.de.

12 April 2016

conhIT 2016

conhIT 2016

Visit us at conhIT 2016 (April, 19-21, "Messe Berlin").

You will find us in the Mobile Health Zone, booth E-111, hall 4.2.

05 February 2016

Dr. Michael Müller introduces the mbits imaging GmbH

Dr. Michael Müller introduces the mbits imaging GmbH during an interview in Stuttgart. Central topic: Mobile radiology and it's benefit for physicans and patients.

25 January 2016

Seeking a new slogan!

mRay needs a new slogan. And you are all invited to take part! We just started a regular contest on "Brandsupply". The winner is awarded with a small a monetary prize.
Take me to the contest

22 January 2016

Interview with mbits at the 50th DGNR

Interview with Dr. Michael Müller and Dr. Ingmar Gergel at the 50th annual Meeting of the German Society for Neuroradiology about the advantages, development and handling of mRay.

12 January 2016

VSRN Frühjahrstagung


Dear Visitors, mbits will be again present at the annual meeting of the VSRN in Karlsruhe (29 to 30 January). You can find us at booth Nr. 3. We would be happy to meet you there.

08 January 2016

mbits on YouTube again

Also by way of postscript: mbits is part of the image video released by the medical informatics course. More info on their homepage.

08 January 2016

German Article "Ein Tablet im OP"

Ein Tablet im OP

By way of postscript: The german article "Ein Tablet im OP" was released in the widely read Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung in 2015.

22 December 2015

Welcome on our new homepage!

Just in time for our upcoming mRay Release 4.0, we relaunched our website. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

04 September 2014

Steinbeis Transfermagazin: Chirurgische Navigation mittels Tablet

04 January 2014

Bild der Wissenschaft: Apps im OP - Warum Ärzte zu ihren Eingriffen Tablet-Computer mitbringen

03 January 2014

Radiologie Journal Magazin: Radiologie to go - Ein Vergleich mobiler viewer mit MITK pocket

02 January 2014

RadiologieForum Magazin: Tablet-PC für Aufschneider - Operation Argumented Reality

01 January 2014

M -Das Lifestyle & Technik Magazin: Mobile Körperwelten

12 December 2013

Junge Innovatoren": Forschungsministerium fördert Start in die Selbständigkeit mit rund 1,3 Millionen Euro jährlich

Wesentliche Impulse für Innovationen verdankt Baden-Württemberg der Forschung an den Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen im Land. Mit dem Programm „Junge Innovatoren“ unterstützt das Wissenschaftsministerium den Mut, mit innovativen Ideen auch den Sprung in die Selbständigkeit zu wagen. weiterlesen

26 October 2013

„Mobiler Leuchttisch“: Das Röntgenbild im Taschenformat

Ein „mobiler Leuchttisch“ ermöglicht es seit Kurzem den Chef- und Oberärzten des Evangelischen und Johanniter-Krankenhauses Dierdorf/Selters, Röntgenbilder auch zu Hause anzusehen. Die neue Software spielt ihnen die Aufnahmen von MRT, CT und Co. aufs Tablet oder Smartphone. Lebensrettende Entscheidungen können unter Umständen weit... weiterlesen

01 July 2013

Oncology Gives IT a Try

14 June 2013

Erfolge beim Businessplanwettbewerb der PvH

Die ersten drei Preise des Prinz von Hohenzollern130613_PvH_MES Capital Businessplanwettbewerbes wurden am 13.06. in der Alten Weinfabrik in Heidelberg vergeben. Zwei von den Startup Partners betreute Unternehmen waren dabei. Den dritten Preis des Wettbewerbs erhielt die Medical Embedded Systems, eine Gründung des DKFZ die Visualisierungen des Körperinneren auf das Ipad bringen. Den zweiten Preis erhielt die Gründung Sportulation der SRH. Diese Gründer erstellen Software zur Unterstützung von Patienten in Reha-Maßnahmen. Geschlagen wurden diese beiden Unternehmen nur durch die Firma Contagt aus Mannheim. Diese ermöglicht mit Hilfe von QR Codes und NFC Chips Indoor Navigation. Wir gratulieren allen Gewinnern ganz herzlich und wünschen viel Erfolg für die weitere Zukunft. Heidelberg-Startup-Partners: Erfolge beim Businessplanwettbewerb der PvH

02 March 2013

Prinz-von-Hohenzollern Innovation Award 2013

Prinz-von-Hohenzollern Innovation Award 2013

mbits (vorher "Medical Embedded Systems") wurde in diesem Jahr mit dem Prinz-von-Hohenzollern Innovationspreis 2013 ausgezeichnet. Dieser jährlich verliehene Preis geht an außergewöhnliche Ausgründungen der Rhein-Neckar-Region.

01 March 2013

EAU Hans Marberger Award 2013

EAU Hans Marberger Award 2013

Preisträger: J. Rassweiler, M. Müller, M. Fangerau, J. Klein, A. Goezen, P. Pereira, H.-P. Meinzer and D. Teber für die beste europäische Veröffentlichung "iPad-Assisted Percutaneous Access to the Kidney Using Marker-Based Navigation: Initial Clinical Experience".

04 February 2012

Ärztezeitung: "Mit virtueller Schützenhilfe gegen Tumore"

Mit virtueller Schützenhilfe gegen Tumoren
01 January 2012

Steinbeis Publikation "Mobile Intelligenz

the Die Erfolgsgeschichte von Smartphones und Tablet-Computern spielt sich nicht nur im privaten Konsumgütergeschäft ab. Auch für Unternehmen und Einrichtungen werden mobile Geräte und Anwendungen immer entscheidender. Das Heidelberger Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Medical Embedded Systems arbeitet derzeit an einer speziellen iPhone und iPad Anwendung für Ärzte, Praxen und Krankenhäuser. Steibeis: Mobile Intelligenz

27 November 2011

Fraunhofer "German High- Tech Champion 2011" in Medizinischer Bildverarbeitung

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