10 May 2018

Whatsapp In The Hospital?

The newspaper FAZ is reporting about the inflationary use of "WhatsApp In The Hospital" und poses some relevant questions, e.g.: "What about data privacy?". The mobile messenger is used so often, because doctors barely have alternative solutions. mbits offers the app mRay, a certified medical device, to get rid of WhatsApp.

>> FAZ - WhatsApp verändert den Klinikalltag

05 April 2018

mbits in the Cyber Alliance

From now on mbits is a member of the alliance for cyber security - a initiative of the German Federal Office for Information Technology Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI).
As an association of all actors in the field of cyber security in Germany, the initiative aims to increase the domestic cyber security and ensure the resilience of the german economy against cyber-attacks. For the common advancement of cyber security, the BSI is intensively cooperating with partners and multipliers.

>> Mehr zur Allianz für Cybersicherheit

28 March 2018

The Digital Operation Theatre Is Developed Until 2020

The medical online magazines "kma online" and "medizin-aspekte" are also reporting about OP 4.1, that the University Hospital Heidelberg and mbits are going to realize together with other partners.

>> kma-online
>> medizin-aspekte

14 March 2018

Digital Helpers To Fight Cancer

The online magazines "Ärzte Zeitung" and "Management & Krankenhaus" are reporting about the BMWI project OP 4.1, in which mbits and the University Hospital Heidelberg are working together with partners on an intelligent surgery platform.

>> Ärzte Zeitung
>> Management & Krankenhaus

30 January 2018

mRay! because "Every Minute Counts"

For stroke diagnostics every second matters. The journal "Radiologie Magazin" promotes our app mRay in this case.

"Die jüngst veröffentlichte DAWN-Studie zeigt, dass die mechanische Thrombektomie bei selektierten Patienten auch später als sechs Stunden nach Symptombeginn noch wirksam ist. In einem vom baden-württembergischen Ministerium für Soziales und Integration geförderten Projekt wird nun am Universitätsklinikum Freiburg evaluiert, inwiefern sich die Selektion peripherer Patienten verbessern lässt. Mit einer mobilen Lösung sollen durch die Verwendung von automatischen Bildanalysetechniken die Verlegezeiten und die damit verbundenen Rekanalisationszeiten verkürzt werden."

>> Read the article

28 October 2017

NEC releases case study with mRay

The display manufacturer and mbits-business partner NEC has released a case study, for which they used our app mRay. In its study it says specifically: "mRay, a medical certified application for large format touch screens and mobile devices was installed to tailor the solution to the needs of the radiology department. The software offers a specially developed DICOM 2020 protocol technology to deliver first class images in a mobile environment. With this powerful solution, the team is able to share PACS easily, even to smartphones and tablets."

>> NEC Case Study

01 August 2017

Holo Med

Augmented Reality: Ventricular Puncture On A Human Brain

Holo Med Verbundprojekt

We are happy to announce, that mbits is part of the joint project Holo Med. Until the end of 2019 we are aspiring to a context-sensitive support of a surgeon in the operating theatre with the help of augmented reality. The project focuses on the scenario of ventricular puncture in the human brain. Besides mbits there are the Neurosurgical University Hospital Ulm/Günzburg, the software company UID and the KIT Karlsruhe partnering the project.

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