12 April 2021

When every minute counts

mbits develops lestor app for stroke care

lestor app

To ensure optimal care for patients with suspected stroke, the right decisions must be made quickly. To this end, mbits, together with the Freiburg University Hospital, has developed the so-called LESTOR app as part of a research project.

To support the dispatchers at the control centre, an LVO score is recorded in the app in order to improve the rapid assignment of the patient in the event of a large vessel occlusion. The rescue personnel can then quickly initiate the necessary steps and ensure fast and optimal patient care.

The LESTOR app is available immediately in the Play Store and in the App Store. We would like to thank the Freiburg University Hospital for the partnership and look forward to the next project, which is already in the starting blocks.

06 April 2021

Healthcare in Europe reports on mRay

"mRay is an important building block in our digital strategy"

mbits bei Digital Health TV

"The great freedom in reporting", headlines healthcare-in-europe at present. Prof. Dr. Gerald Weisser, interventional radiologist and medical director's advisor for strategic IT orientation and digitalisation at Klinikum Ludwigshafen, describes in detail the advantages that our app mRay offers in the context of advancing digitalisation in everyday clinical practice.

"mRay gives considerably more flexibility in the choice of work device, workstation, time and in the choice of internet connection, which can also be narrowband," sums up Prof. Dr. Weisser. He has been in his current position at Klinikum Ludwigshafen since mid-2020 and already knows mRay from his time at Uniklinikum Mannheim. There, work with mRay had already been underway since 2012, and he was involved in its introduction and has remained loyal to mRay ever since.

But it was not only the medical staff who were convinced by our app. "The solution is extremely reliable, the installation effort is minimal and the benefits for users are high," explains Christian Hiltl, at the Klinikum Ludwigshafen.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for these words of praise and look forward to continuing our good cooperation. In January Healthcare in Europe reported on mRay at BG Klinik Ludwigshafen.

29 March 2021

New mbits customer in the Rheinland

Cologne Clinics use mRay

Köln Kliniken nutzen mRay

Due to the 2020 Corona Pandemic and associated contact restrictions, the Kliniken Köln decided to use our app mRay initially as part of a test phase. The use was initiated by Prof. Dr. Axel Goßmann, Chief Physician of Radiology and Medical Director of the hospital' Cologne-Merheim.

We are now pleased that the Cologne hospitals are convinced of our app and that we thus have the largest medical provider in the metropolitan area of the cathedral city as a permanent customer on our side. mRay will be used in several departments throughout the clinic and will support the doctors working there. We say thank you very much for the trust in us.

15 March 2021

Presentation by mbits at Virtual Radiology Update 2021

About the use of mRay at Ulm University Hospital

Presentation at Radiology Update Ulm about the use of mRay at Ulm University Hospital

On Friday, March 19, 2021, 11:00 am, mbits CEO Dr. Ingmar Gergel will give a presentation on the use of our app at University Hospital Ulm.

It's a bit of a success story: mRay is in use in 6 specialist clinics at UKU, recording 326 registered users and over 1200 image accesses per month. The use of the app is already being planned for two additional clinics. During the lecture, the various possibilities of mRay in everyday clinical practice will be explained. Usecases, such as photo documentation and background services will be highlighted, as well as future enhancements of the app.

The presentation is part of this year's Radiology Update 2021, taking place virtually March 19-20. Don't miss the date, and learn how your clinic can also benefit from the large-scale use of the mRay app.

11 March 2021

Radiology Magazine and Hospital IT Journal report on mRay

Our app at Meine Radiologie and BG Hospital Ludwigshafen

Radiology Magazine and Hospital IT Journal report on mRay

Image data and findings can be digitally available via the mRay patient and referring physician portal. Both treating physicians, practices and patients can thus easily, quickly access the data on mobile devices and forward them.

Meine Radiologie CEO Dr. med. Dirk Knüppel explained the reasons for using mRay in an interview with Radiology Magazine: "The best thing about mRay is that we only have to send one link to give referring physicians and patients access to the images and findings," he explains. Meanwhile, the app is already in active use in eight practices. The goal is to establish mRay at all 27 sites.

The Hospital IT Journal reports in the current issue on mRay photo documentation at the BG Klinik Ludwigshafen. Already in November 2020, the interview with BGU IT director, Mr. Greschner, was featured in the Handelsblatt and and at Healthcare in Europe.

05 March 2021

mbits receives award at the Entscheiderevent 2021

Award for digitization project

mbits bei Entscheiderevent 2021 prämiert

At the beginning of the week, the 15th Entscheiderevent met in Düsseldorf. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn opened the event with a welcoming speech, which focused on the digital projects of future healthcare, of which the top 5 projects in 2020 were awarded.

We are pleased that our concept for "Seamless digital support in stroke care" together with Prim. Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. Karl Egger was awarded. In a future issue of the magazine Der Radiologe, we will describe in detail the technical implementation of the concept and how it supports the physicians involved. We thank you for the successful event and the award and are looking forward to the successful progress of the new digitalization topics in 2021.

04 February 2021

mRay launch in MVZ Meine Radiologie Franken

CEO Dr. med Dr. rer. pol. Dirk Knüppel enthusiastic about mRay

mRay now also in My Radiology Franconia

Image data and findings can be provided digitally via our patient and referring physician portal. The patient findings are sent within a short time to the referring physicians and cooperating practices, who in turn can provide treatment at an early stage if necessary. This creates a network for optimal care of all patients, which has now been expanded together with MVZ Meine Radiologie Franken.

The Meine Radiologie Holding (MRH Group) accompanies radiology, radiation therapy and nucleology practices on the path to succession with innovative solutions. Since 2018, it has now acquired more than 25 practices in nine locations with approximately 500 employees. Meanwhile, through the partnership formed in August 2020 between the holding company and mbits imaging GmbH, our app mRay is being used extensively at all MRH Group locations.

"We are thrilled with the professionalism and excellent customer service of the company mbits enthusiastically and look forward to the prompt implementation at all centers of the MRH Group," adds Dr. med Dr. rer. pol. Dirk Knüppel.

We thank you very much for the praising words, we are also enthusiastic about the partnership and look forward to all future projects and further cooperation.